Sunscreen is important because the sun's UV rays can cause skin damage, such as sunburn, premature aging, and an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

UVB radiation causes sunburn and superficial damage to the skin, while UVA radiation penetrates deeper and can cause long-term cell damage, which can lead to wrinkles, sun spots and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Regular use of sunscreen helps prevent this damage by protecting your skin from the sun's UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied to all areas exposed to the sun, including the face, hands, arms and legs.

Additionally, sunscreen can help keep skin hydrated and prevent flaking and dryness. Proper sunscreen can also help maintain long-term skin health by preventing the damage that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer risk.

WEARME is the new moisturizing face cream with a glow effect with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB mineral filter.

Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral ingredient that forms a physical protective shield that reflects the sun's rays. In addition to defending from the sun, zinc oxide together with CBD helps soothe the skin and treat irritations, redness and burning.

In addition, CBD being also a strong antioxidant protects the skin from oxidative stress that causes free radicals and skin aging derived from UV rays.

WEAR ME is REEF SAFE certified, as the formula is ocean friendly and respects corals and the marine ecosystem.

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